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Do You believe in real vampyrism?

Do You believe in real vampyrism?


Welcome to the Wraitl Exbuis Link Engine, for all manner of real vampyre links and associations. Our main site is here: http://www.wraitlexbuis.club

This website is in association with the Wraitl Exbuis Resource and Research site, it is not the be all one voice, it is just a place to share links and earn some promotion.

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password: vampire123456X

DO NOT change the demo user account information. Emyspot only allows three free membership accounts. You can use this to log in to the site as a demo non admin account and add your links to the directory. You can not take it over. I check this thing regularly. Do not be a dick or I will take this down. This is for your convience!

  • Bitefight Kontluk

    Bitefight - Vampir oder Werwolf? Wähle und stelle dich dem Kampf! Onlinespiel mit tausenden Monstern! Kostenlos anmelden und spielen
  • Vampire Wear Jewelry and Clothing for IMMORTALS

    Vampire blood vial fang necklaces and earrings. Vampire gothic clothing. Bite marks on every shirt
  • Home

    The New wraitl blog home and research wikia for the Wraitl tradition
  • Welcome to Pagan Groups | Vampyre's Communal

    Make your own custom group today!
  • Vampires.com +

    For real vampires, vampire games and tv shows, movies or films, and vampire books. Join us for new The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer news, photos, and events.
  • Vampyrian Temple UVUP

    We are a Vampyrian Temple of Real spiritual Vampyres or Vampires for Divinity, unity, support, and strength since December 17th 2003. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Real Vampire community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism. The Vampyrian belief is eclectic but different than most since we don't worship anything above us and believe most religions are based in truth just what people understand. However it takes away your personal power which you can develop on your own esp if you are Vampyr kin. Humans can develop there own divinity through Mind exercises that other kin already posses naturally. My spirituality is based in my Vampyrism and that I am a very Spiritual soul. We are a Vampyrian Temple with our OWN personal beliefs and ideals but each individual is encouraged to find there own way and awaken to there own individual path; We generally Dark Goth Pagan Unitarian Vampyrian Temple and not everyone has to agree with that but we are an open minded Temple and hope you will be open minded too. I hope we can each share our own personal beliefs here and be OK with that. Take in what you wish and ignore what you wish.
  • Real Vampyres Communal Official Page

    Our Official Georgia and International State regional Page. This is also our network for vampyre networking across the www. As usual, not many people hold an interest in it.